Thursday, November 2, 2023

Tri Tip

After a guy gets a few years of cutting behind him, he can start to go after more exotic cuts. It takes getting into a lot of cows before you begin to get the lay of the land. Once you are familiar with the different muscle groups, then you're able to go on YouTube and watch professionals direct you to new cuts on a carcass, such as the Tri Tip steak. 

Known as the California Cut, Tri Tips aren't very popular any where else. Probably because they're hard to find!

The Tri Tip steak is part of the Bottom Sirloin muscle group of a cow, which is located just above her flank.

A cut like this takes the finesse of cutting the seams between muscles. Here, we are just starting to peal it away from the Bottom Round. 

Once on the table you can start to see it take shape. 

It is basically called a Tri Tip because of its triangle shape. 

Let's eat. 

This cut goes to my buddy Dcn. Joe, the California Cowboy. I can cut it, but he's got to cook it. Not sure how it's served, but I bet it's hard to go wrong. The Tri Tip is just one example of many hidden cuts on a cow. Give it time and we'll find the rest! 

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  1. Tri Tip sells in Walmart Father? If not I will ask my friend I would like to try it. :)


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