Saturday, November 4, 2023

Stacking Hay

A good stack of hay heading into winter is like having a shed full of firewood, you feel confident to handle whatever nature throws your way. I've had hay for the horses gathered for a while, just waiting for a good day to stack it. Well, Saturday afternoon was the day. Beautiful out and had some good help. 

Last week over the Holy Day we picked up some grass from Jim Oster on Beaver Creek. Good guy, nice hay. 

This load of alfalfa came from Dad's place in Worland. The combo should make for a good source of feed. 

Jared offered to lend a hand so I gladly accepted. 

Take your time and you can cover some ground. 

Giddy up. 

I have yet to out grow my love for little square bales. Sure it's work, but it's also fun. While you're throwing bales you get to catch up with your buddy, chew the fat of life and crack a joke or two. Good times. Let the snow fly. We're ready. 

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