Sunday, October 16, 2022

Mystery Tools Revealed

Old timers were pretty innovative for their day. In our time we look back at their work and wonder what the heck that was used for. Take a peek at these contraptions and see if you can identify their purpose. All of them are hanging on the wall of the Gulch Bar and Grill at Devil's Tower.

This is what’s called a calf weaning ring. If you wanted to self-wean a calf from it's mother, put this bad boy in its nose. Mom will gladly kick son or daughter in the head when it bumps her utter to let down her milk. Eventually after getting kicked enough the calf gets the hint and they go their separate ways. A less medieval version of the same tool is still used today, usually on dairies. I think they're made of plastic. Modern cattle aren't as tough as they used to be. 

This guy was the ultimate coyote killer. Stab it into the ground, tie a piece of meat onto the hook, and wait for a hungry predator to come by. The main body of this contraption held a .22 round, which would be discharged out of the barrel protruding the right side as soon as the victim tugged on the meat. I suppose one or two curious ranchers who came upon a live trap outlawed these devises. 

This is a wheelwright's traveler. Wagon wheel makers would run this along the inside of the rim to find the circumfrance of the wheel. Then they could made the felloes and other wooden parts. I suppose there would be some mark the wheel of this tool that would allow you to count the revolutions as you went around. 

Now you know. And knowing is half the battle. 

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