Saturday, October 15, 2022

Cowboy Josh

Josh Meier and I go way back to seminary. My first two years in Denver we lived right next to each other. Though God has led us on different paths, our friendship has remained. Needing to get out of big city Colorado, he ventured up to Wyoming to hang with his old buddy for the weekend. Might as well give him the full experience of Catholic Cowboy life. 

After Friday morning Mass and breakfast at Lula Belles our first task was to move the horses to Joann's till the water starts to freeze. Chief loves it out here. 

Since I had some extra help thought we'd move a little hay. 

The main mission was to move the cows at Joe's. Finding them was tricky, but proved easy compared to loading them. We were only gonna bring the blacks home but after a broken corral board or two we figured we better load them all while the getting was good. 

So we stopped for a victory beer at Devil's Tower. 

And had us a good ole burger while we were at it. 

The girls seemed happy to be back in town.

So the next day we decided to bring ole 48 home to the cooler. 

Josh was a natural at skinning. 

From pasture to corral to cooler... dinner plate.

Hope you enjoyed your time brother. I know I did. Sometimes you got to get away from those city lights and get back to reality. No better way to do so than getting blood on your hands and dirt on your boots. Denver could use a little more of the Catholic Cowboy Way. Keep wearing your hat brother. It looks good on you. Peace partner.

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