Sunday, January 21, 2024

Hat Shaping

I'm more of a straw hat guy, but for six months out of a year, Wyoming cowboys are in felt hats. Felt hats take a bit more care. Because they don't have the spring of a straw hat they are more prone to get out of shape. Periodic reshaping of them is common. 

The most common place for them to loose shape is on the sides, where a guy grabs them to take them on and off. Over time they start to curl in. 

The good news is that steam will allow you to do whatever you want with them. I like to use my jet-boil because it puts out a lot of steam without the whistle of a kettle. 

My tactic is to warm them up, allowing the moisture in the steam to penetrate the felt. 

Working both sides is good if you can. 

It doesn't take too much time. Then simply pull it back into the shape you desire and work it a bit until it holds. 

The back brim of a hat is also a common place to loose shape. This is largely because of the head rest in a cowboy's ranch rig. 

Same procedure works here too. 

Anytime you can use both hands the more even the shape and the more likely it is to last. 


Cowboy attire takes maintenance. If you don't want your buddy to pull you aside and tell you to shape your hat, it's best to stay on top of it. It's really not that hard. With a bit of steam and a little try, you'll be cleaned up and ready for town in no time. 


  1. Shaping hats is an art.

    Personally, I only switch to straw if its super hot. I'm a felt hat guy from late spring to early fall, and then a Stormy Kromer guy in the winter.

    1. Good stuff! Everyone's got their preference. I definitely have a scotch hat/Stormy Kromer behind the seat of the truck. Essential winter attire.


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