Saturday, November 11, 2023

Ranch Sorting

My buddy Mike is always calling me with new adventures. Some I take advantage of when time allows, and others I just let pass for one reason or another. Well, this little ranch gig at the Camplex sounded fun. Not sure what we were getting into, but I was game. 

So I grabbed the kids bright and early. Chief was to be my horse of choice. 

Here's the layout. Turns out it not something new. 

Once arrived, all the contestants take time to warm up their horses. 

And of course, stop for the National Anthem. Today being Veterans Day, I was just super reminded of the gift or our freedom and opportunities in America. This did not come by happenstance. People fought to defend it, and they still do today. Thanks be to God for our veterans and their sacrifice. 

Our fellow buddy Luke was able to show up, so I gave him Chief and let the brute Mollie out of her cage. 

You basically start with 10 numbered cattle in a pen. 

As you and your partner enter that side of the corral, they call out a number. Then, starting with that number, you sort the first cow into the next pen, followed by the rest of the cattle numerically. You have 60 seconds to get all 10. If your time runs out, you get scored on how many you got through in 60 seconds. Or if you get a cow out of order you get disqualified. 

We all got three different turns, two with each other and one with a draw. Mollie was a bit like a bull in a china closet. But we had fun. Mike and I had one good run where we got 4 cows sorted in 60 seconds. 

Giddy up. 

Fun time. I'll take advantage of any opportunity I can to get the horses out. This ranch sorting gig was cool. Good to hang with the boys and good to learn some new tricks. Not sure we'll take it up as a pass time, but great opportunity to meet new folks. On to the next one. 


  1. It’s so fast and my personal opinion, not the way cattle are meant to be handled. But for cattle like this it probably doesn’t matter. But it’s always good to get your behind in the saddle. Dave from Colorado

    1. Good stuff. Agreed. It would be funner if it was slower. But typical cowboys... there's got to be competition, so I guess timing it is the standard way of doing so.


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