Tuesday, October 17, 2023


This fall, my dream project finally came true. We had been planning all the while to make a large gateway into the new corrals. After gathering material and spending a few different days back home, we got it done. 

This project was not for the faint of heart. Either a hard hat or a hard head was required. 

Finding the pipe was the hardest part. Pipe of any size is scarce these days. Eventually, I called Pat Hladky with Cyclone Drilling in Gillette who hooked us up with this 4 1/2” drill stem. Thanks Pat. 

So we loaded it up on our gooseneck and headed for Worland. 

Getting a flat at Hells Half Acre in August just added to the adventure. 

Once delivered, we went to digging. Work smarter not harder. 

Uncle Chris’ post hole digger did a good job. 

But we still enlarged the holes. 

Then we picked the stem up with the trusty 4010. 

Once set, we leveled them and braced them by welding on fence posts and got ready for concrete. 

Sack-crete is handy, but it takes work. We mixed it with gravel to take up some room. An old farmer trick. 

Once firmed up, we got to work up top. Safety first.

These saddle templates are the only way to roll. 

Even though they make the mark you still have to dress them up a bit. 

That’ll work. 

Then came the big day. We borrowed Uncle Chris’ new tractor for this job. 

It wasn’t easy, but Dad and I got it set. 

Then welded it up. 

Then the final step of caping the ends.

The metal for this cap came off an old project that Grandpa Lloyd supplied the material for. 

Buzzed it in place and we were done. 

Giddy up. 

So fun. This was a big day on the ranch. Finishing up this robust entryway into the corrals marks the peak of the mountain. Everything from here on out will be down hill in comparison to the work of the last two years. Plan your work and work your plan, pays off once again. Now, let us ranch!

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