Saturday, August 19, 2023

Cow Heart

I don't get too exotic on eating the innards of a cow, but I do enjoy a good cow heart. It's actually not too wild.  A heart is just another muscle. The main difference between it and any other muscle is that a heart never gets to stop.

No messing around here. The heart of a cow is close to 10" in length.

I'll usually clean it up at the sink and then split it. It's cool to see the different chambers. 

For cooking purposes I usually cut them into 3/8" slices. The fat is also not that great so I'll trim most of it off.

You can cook it a bunch of different ways. Breading is very common and very good. I find just seasoning the heck out of it to be real good as well. 

Then just throw them on the grill. 

Muy Bien! 

Back when I was ranching we ate heart quite a bit. I enjoyed it then and still do today. If I were to describe the texture, I would call it dense. A heart never gets to rest. Always is it pumping blood to the rest of the body. Therefore, it is pure muscle. If you ever get the chance, give cow heart a whirl. Not only does it make a good meal, it also makes you appreciate the beauty of bovine anatomy. 

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