Monday, October 31, 2022


The backstraps of any critter have to be the most popular cut of meat. But especially on a cow; this is where you get your choicest steaks. It doesn't take much training to locate them. There's two, one on each side of the backbone. Cutting them into steaks, now that's just plain fun. 

If I don't T-bone the six steaks closest to the pelvis, I can get about 24 steaks out of one full backstrap. 

Like catching 20# Bass, pulling a full backstrap out of a cow is quite a feat. 

It is located right along the vertebra. I didn't get a real clean split on this cow, which took away the T part of the T-bone, which is why I decided to just steak the whole strap. It can be easy to damage the meat as you're removing it from the rib cage. So I like to ride the ribs with my knife. As you get to the front third of the strap, it really dives down. If you're not on the ribs, you'll cut the ribeyes in half.

Once pulled, I remove the cap from the front third, which is where part of the shoulder blade is and the tougher muscles surrounding it. Then I cut the strap into 1 1/4" steaks. Imagining folks enjoying these beauties really makes a guy take pride in his cuts. 

I basically divide the strap into thirds. The back third are New Yorks. 

The middle section is what I simply call Rib Steaks.

And the front third are Ribeyes. 

Ribeyes are definitely the most popular cut on a cow. I've had super good luck on these grass fattened critters. This cow was a sale barn heiferette who we ran in the Black Hills for the summer. She has been aging for three weeks. 

Looks like a good time to me.

Cutting steaks makes my day. There's a few other places on a cow with tender cuts, but nothing beats the backstrap. Not only do you get a tender cut of meat with no gristle, you also get a good amount of fat to go with it. At Lungren Brother's Cattle Company we not only help America stay strong, we help fuel her fun.

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