Monday, April 25, 2022

Spring Storm

Every snow storm I've seen come into this country comes in sideways. It was no different on Saturday. We've been praying for moisture, so we can't complain in which form it comes. This spring storm pretty much shut the town down for the weekend.

Fortunately we're prepared for any weather condition.

The drifts just kept piling up. That was really the biggest obstacle to normal operations. 

Sunday morning had all roads out of Gillette closed. Which grounded me from my normal mission circuit. 

I was, however, able to get out and check on things in the afternoon. Neighbors banded together in digging each other out.

The horses managed pretty well.

Got a little western getting down to the cows though. 

Thier only beef was that they wanted hay. Thanks be to God for windbreaks. They are essential in this country.

Back in business. 

Spring storms can be wild in Campbell County. Ones like this are not uncommon. Anyone who was around remembers the spring storm of 1984. We are all super grateful for the moisture. I'm guessing about 10-12" of snow on the flats and around 1.25" of moisture overall. Hopefully, any calf and lamb casualties we're minimal. Think from here on out will be more specific in our prayer. Lord, please send RAIN. 

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