Saturday, May 8, 2021

Gotta Love It

Dad and I joke that everyone is 21 in the branding pen. I think it holds water. Whether you're young or old, everyone puts forth like they were in the prime of youth. So fun. This Saturday kicked off my favorite time of year, branding season. Sally Craig invited me down to the family ranch in Shawnee WY, near Douglas. So Chief and I hit the trail. God bless the American cowboy.

Chris Rankin gets this party started.

My task was wrestling. Jake and I made a pretty good team.

But I also learned a lot from Bella Reed. Just stay calm and cool Fr. Bryce. 

Your future is beautiful Bella. Always sit tall in the saddle. 

Another well job done. Joe Rankin thanks God for a good start to the year as he counts his kids out the gate.

I may act 21, but after a day of branding 300 head, I feel my age. There's nothing funner than spending yourself for a good cause, like feeding America. The American cowboy keeps hope alive. It ain't easy. But you gotta love it. 

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