Sunday, October 25, 2020

Service Saturday

With winter setting in I've been looking for a warm place to hole up. So I called my trusty Knights of Columbus brothers and we insulated the rectory garage. Dave Hardegger took up the torch and when Dave is on something, dust flies.

He rounded up the best of the best: Paul Vetter, Jack Smart, and Joe Anderson

I told Dave that I wasn't in need of any new experiences but he put me on insulating the attic anyway

His main concern was that the men were well fed

Dang Dave, that cow heart was finger linking good!

The homegrown and homeground burgers were pretty tasty too

Another well job done. May your reward be great in Heaven

Speaking of jobs done, ol 24 is in the freezer. I've got 10 more cows waiting to join her. You interested in good grass fattened beef? If so, let me know at You don't have to sign up for a certain amount now. But you do have to sign into the herd before I butcher a cow that you get any part of.


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