Saturday, December 30, 2023

Ranch Sign

Some projects are just funner than others, like building a ranch sign to hang over our new set of corrals. Combine that with some Christmas cheer and we got us a Good time!

 Every scribe trained in the kingdom of God brings forth from his storehouse both the old and the new (Matthew 13:52). 

They say when Michael Angelo saw piece of marble he didn't see the stone, but the figure contained in the stone. And he saw it as his job to unveil that figure. I feel the same way when I see old barn wood and rusty iron. There is hidden potential in it and it's my job to bring it out. This 13' rough cut 2"x8" came off of Grandpa's old corrals. To use it as an entry marker into the new corrals just seemed fitting. 

LUNGREN BROTHERS CATTLE CO. was to be the slogan. With a little bit of calculation, we just stenciled out the letters. 

Routering them in really wasn't as hard as it sounds. Like in all things in life, just don't get in a hurry. 

No real mess ups, and thankfully everything is spelled right. 

Next came painting the lettering. Grandpa was a painter by trade so I knew somewhere in me was the ability to keep it between the lines. 

Not bad. 

Then came making the brackets to hang it from. A little strap iron with some 3/8" bolts seemed plenty stout. 

Of course, branding the ends was the final touch. Here Dad puts on his family's original brand, Reverse L Drawknife. 

The ole L hanging B came next. 

Then it was time to see if this dog would hunt. Once in place, we simply welded chain links to the bottom of the cross beam and then to the strap iron on the sign. 

Giddy up.

This was definitely a family affair in more ways than one. So, it was nice to have Uncle Lloyd on site to keep us encouraged. As we close out another year, my heart is filled with hope for the new year to come. Guess that's part of the cowboy way. But more importantly, it's part of the Catholic Cowboy Way. God is sovereign. Nothing can happen outside of His will. And as Scripture testifies, We know that in all things God works for good with those who love Him (Romans 8:28). Therefore, ranch hard and be happy!


  1. Happy New Year Fr. Bryce to you and your family.
    Dave from Colorado

    1. Same to you, brother. Is this the Dave I met at Kaycee and Tobias' wedding 7/2022?


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