Friday, December 29, 2023

Net Wrap

There are many ways to feed a round bale, but few ways of doing it efficiently. Cattle can waste more hay then they eat. Rooting around, searching for something tastier, an open bale in a feeder they will destroy. 

Such was the case back home with Mom and Andy. Nice prairie grass, she's pulling out more than she gets in her mouth. 

 So we took what was left of that bale and threw in this round bale net. 

I'm a net guy. Whenever I can, I like to put feed in these nets to slow them down and make them waste less. They for sure work good on horses, but I've even had good luck with cattle. I just use a net with bigger holes.

Better. We'll watch and see. 

The kids are doing real well, but I think they are a bit bored. So we borrowed an old cow with twins from my brother. Gives her a good home and friends for our pair. 

Happy campers.

I think this will be a win win for everyone. Little Andy sure likes to have some friends to run around with. Though, I'm not sure they are as excited about life as she is. Time will tell. Thank God for the sunshine. 


  1. Great to see the “punchy” posts. Keep em coming Fr. Bryce!
    Dave from Colorado

  2. Andy appears to be a full ginger!!! Glad to see Mom and baby are doing (and eating!) well. Happy New Year, Father. You are daily kept in prayers.


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