Thursday, September 29, 2022

Fall Fun

It was time for Dick Williams and my annual trip up the Middle Fork of the Powder River to see the fall colors. This year I took the Slip road up from Kaycee and met him there. Beautiful country. 

I'll admit that the Slip Road alluded me for a while. But after flagging down a rancher and backtracking 15 miles, we found it. 

I've never been up the Big Horns from this side. Steep and pretty. 

The colors on the Middle Fork were outstanding. 

This'll be next to the last hurrah at the Williams' cabin. This weekend they will winterize it. 

Dick grilled up lamb chops this year. Not bad, my friend. 

Tough to beat Quakies in late September. 

Soon they'll all be changed. 


Once a month priests get to take a day of prayer. How they use it is up to them. Driving up and down the Big Horns in early fall sounds like a good way to tune in to the voice of the Lord to me. 

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