Friday, September 30, 2022

Chute Fire

When you're ranching on a fixed income you have to take advantage of good deals when they come your way. Such was the case on Wednesday morning's Big Iron sale. I'd been keeping my eye out for a good old squeeze chute. And, as providence would have it, one came up in Manderson, just 30 miles up the road. Not only was the price right, but we got ourselves a real nice chute for the corrals back home.

This Ranch Hand chute from Redford NE has much going for it. For starters, she's well older than I am. She's also a 7'er which is necessary for today's bigger cattle.

Dad was eager to lend a hand, especially when I told him what we were dealing with.

I could tell by the look on his face that he approved. 

These old chutes combine wood and steel into a great work of art. Here the top board folds down to allow for milking or whatever a guy might have to do on the underside of a cow. 

The bars all around it fold down so you can brand, vaccinate, or whatever. Chute, they aren't even froze up. 

Kind of an interesting doohickey here. Since the head catch has free vertical motion, this guy can be installed to keep a cow's head in place if need be. 

Looks like the back gate works too. 

But the real selling point on this Ranch Hand was the head catch. I like this style. They are self catching if set right. 

You can also turn a cow loose forward or backward. 

Sideways is even an option if things get too western. 

I think it has potential. She'll take a little welding here and there. But what fun would it be if it didn't. Budget ranching keeps life exciting. I've seen hydraulic chutes and even used them. They're nice, but I prefer rope burns and facial scars from the old manual chutes. They give a cowboy character. 

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