Wednesday, August 10, 2022

Sons of Mary 2022

It is good when brothers dwell in unity. This week marked our 3rd annual priestly fraternal retreat in the Big Horns. Not all the brothers could make it, but we took what we could get. We call ourselves the Sons of Mary, taking seriously our Lord's final words to us as He hung upon the Cross: Behold your mother. Mary keeps us in the saddle of sonship. We live out of our baptismal identity as sons of the Father in order to serve well as priests of Jesus Christ. 

L to R: Fr. Clark Lenz, Fr. Hiep Nguyen, Fr. Robert Rodgers, Fr. Brian Hess, Fr. Bryce Lungren. 

My job was to make burgers on the first night. I think Bob was impressed. 

On our one full day together we took a hike looking for Hesse Peak. Do not follow where the path may lead. Go where there is no path and leave a trail.

The peak in the center was our destination. 

Our fearless leader Brian ensured us that all was safe. 

You ain't no cowboy if you hike instead of ride. Not sure Boone could have made it up here though. Beautiful.

On our way back to the cabin we swung by the James Saban lookout tower above Meadowlark Lake to eat our lunch. Cool.

Of course we had to get a little mountain surfing in on West Tensleep Lake while in the area.

We also took plenty of time to lounge.

Hiep was in charge of our main meal. With him at the helm I knew it would be good.

Sure enough.

Priestly fraternity is so necessary these days. It won't take time to find you so you have to take time to find it. Totally worth it. These men of God always inspire me to be a better priest. And more than that, to be a better son. 

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