Wednesday, August 10, 2022

Hay Season

In Wyoming, we spend the summer preparing for winter. We planted some grass/alfalfa back home, but probably won't get a crop until next year. In the meantime, our Good Father in Heaven provided once again. Jim and Sharron Oster near Alva, WY came through in our need. With plenty of grass this year they baled it instead of grazing it. However, no one wanted to pick it out of the field. So they turned to Fr. Bryce who will never turn down free grass. 

With White Horse ready for work, we ran up to the Black Hills last Saturday. 

Jim and Sharron's place runs right along Beaver Creek. Some of the nicest grass in the state. 

There's no hurry in this country. We just took our time picking bales. 

Thankfully Hank showed up to lend a hand. 

To get em stacked we gathered a crew. Joe's always eager to help ranch.

Jared and Baylie pitched in as well. 

Gotter done.

Having a stack of hay next to the corrals is like a having a shed full of firewood. It's hard to think about winter when it's in the upper 90's. But believe me, the old man will show up when you're least expecting him. Special thanks to Jim and Sharron for their generosity. We'll be back to get the rest. 

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