Wednesday, June 29, 2022

Dirt Work

One thing that never gets old is playing with dirt. And if there's a purpose behind it, even better. Such was the case the past couple of days. Before we can start driving some posts for the corrals, we needed to level the playing field. 

The tool of choice was obvious: JD 450 with our recently purchased box scraper. 

Safety first around this ranch. 3 days without a reported injury.  

The mission was simple: level off the back corral so that is is more accessible and user friendly. 

The scraper is slick. Lower the box to scrape dirt into the bucket. Then lift it up when the can is full. The gate had a hard time closing with a big load, so Gerry and I welded on some hooks to hang tractor weights on. Seemed to help.

Once you've hauled the load to where it needs to go, just tilt the box up and turn it loose. You can turn really sharp and put the dirt right where you want it. 

While we were at it, we built a new road to access the back corral. 

There she be.

The right equipment makes a hard job much easier. But let me tell ya, it takes a lot of work to move a little dirt. Thanks be to God for hydraulics and horsepower. Without it, America would not be what she is today. May God continue to bless her.

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