Sunday, June 26, 2022

A Creek Runs Through It

With Fr. Steve here to take Fr. Cliff's place, there really wasn't much need for Gerry and I this Sunday. So we went fishing.

Southern Big Horns was our place of choice.

And Mahogany Butte in particular.

Getting down to Deep Creek on public ground was no easy chore.

In fact, it got pretty western.

Every cowboy has a clutch, though few use them. We, unfortunately, had to use ours. This was as close to the water as we could get.

But we didn't give up, we just shifted gears to another part of the creek. A place we could drive to.

Gerry caught his first trout in the US on his first cast.

He was super excited.

In fact, he limited out.

What a fun day of true recreation. We took every back road we could find, which ended up being 125 miles of dirt. Little can make a father more happy than watching his boy catch fish. Well done ol' son.

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