Sunday, November 6, 2022


Mom always said that if she could teach her boys to make an omelet and a hamburger they could survive. Well, I've been living off both for the past 24 years. There are always new tricks to learn, but I feel I've got cooking an omelet down pat. It's always been a Sunday tradition for me to make an omelet. I used to do so back home, then for my Uncle's family when I worked in Montana, and now again after Mass as a priest. 

This first step is a good non-stick pan. Mom gave me this pan when I left home. I think her final words were: "I've done all I can, good luck son."

I used to make myself a six egg omelet. Since then I've toned it down to three. To make your eggs fluff up, add a little water. 

You want the pan hot before you pour in your beaten eggs. I always spray it with Pam as well. 

This sears the bottom. Once poured in, turn the heat down to about half.

The greatest trick is to pull the sides in once the eggs have cooked a bit. This allows the batter to flow in behind. By doing so you can cook all the eggs without over cooking the bottom. I do this several times to make sure all the eggs are cooked. 

Then I add chopped ham and salt and pepper.

Cheese as well.

Flopping it over is a trick that takes both hands. Do set yourself up for success by aligning the fold with the handle.

This makes flopping onto the plate a breeze. Don't horse around though, give it a good flip. 


Beer for Sunday brunch is always acceptable. Homemade grape jelly and toast complement an omelet as well. 

I love a good Sunday omelet. Cooking it is a good way to debrief from the two Masses that proceed it. Once enjoyed in the company of the our Blessed Mother, then it's nap time. After a little siesta, then I'm ready for my third and final round of the day. So far I'm surviving. A good omelet not only keeps me well fed, but it keeps me enjoying life too. Thanks Ma!


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