Friday, December 10, 2021

Spring Fever

It's never too early to be talking about spring. Dad and I had tied up some continuous fence panels in Buffalo and Friday was the day to haul them home. Why not a little white fluff to add to the fun.  

Even though she's got 235k miles on her, White Horse doesn't quit. She was rarin' to go bright and early after we celebrated Mass. 

Bolinger Inc. in Buffalo supplied us with the 62 20' 5 bar panels. We were able to pick them up before the price of steel doubled. 

Kim Bolinger did an excellent job loading us up. I had full confidence that this load wasn't going anywhere. I look forward to doing business with them again. 

Someone suggested that I go around through Casper than over the mountain. I would rather brave Powder River Pass than the 100 mile stretch between Casper and Shoshoni. On a snowy day the ground blizzard over there is treacherous. The boys on the mountain, however, do an excellent job of keeping the pass open. White Horse did great. No power house, but slow and steady. 1st gear up and 1st gear down. 

I always love dropping off of Rattlesnake Ridge into the Big Horn Basin. This is home. 

Dad had his tractor fired up when I got there. You can't beat the blue skies of Worland. 

Pure potential. 62 panels of continuous fence and 68 joints of 2 7/8" tubing. God has been good to us. I can't wait till spring. 

After Mom fixed me up with some chilly we were on the road again. Smooth sailing back to Campbell County. Arrived just in time to see the Wright brothers take off. AMDG

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