Sunday, August 16, 2020

When Life Throws You Lemons, Make Lemonade

Friday's original plans to work on our future meat locker for the Lungren Brother's Cattle Company endeavor got rearranged, so Dad and I headed for the hills. This time we went up to the old family stomping grounds in the south Big Horn Mountains known as Big Trails.

This is what's left of the the old ranch house. Grandpa signed the papers on this property while Grandma was in the hospital having Dad on July 10,1951.

Dad grew up up here, more or less. When him and Mom were first married they spent a couple springs up there calving the herd. As the story goes, they had a cold, half dead calf that they brought into the house to warm up. There was little activity with him so they hit the hay. In the middle of the night they hear a clip clop coming down the hall and could only imagine that it was a gunman heading their way. Dad frantically searched for the light pull down string that hung over their bed, but for the life of him couldn't find it. The steps just kept getting closer until they stoped right above them. And then.... blaaaaaa. It was the calf!

There was an old diversion dam on the Nowood Creek that runs through the place. The head gate needs a little work.

After a visit to the lower ranch, we continued up to the Lost Creek area were the summer range of the same operation was. My great granddad built the gate leading into this little slice of Heaven.

My fondest memories as a kid was branding in these corrals over the 4th of July

This is a cool pic of a pic of those early days. On the horse is Dad, Uncle Vance is roping in the background, Uncle Pud is wrestling the calf to the ground while his hat fly's off, cousin Robert is teaming up, while my Uncle Joe looks on. These men formed me. Look close in the pic and you can see my hat shining through while I snapped the shot. Nice little gift, thanks Lord.

This cabin was built by my great grandfather Adam in the early 60's. Dad's cousins have taken real good care of it.

Grandpa Adam shot this elk back in the day. The first order of business when us kids arrived at the cabin was to fling our hat on one of the tines. Some things never change.

Here's a final shot from up top over looking the cabin and Mahogany Butte

Super fun day. We hadn't seen that country in years. It was real special to go around once again with Dad and hear all of the stories. If only those hills could talk. What an unexpected gift to get to spend the day on top of the world. One just needs to stay open to the Spirit I guess. My prayer is that this land always be used for the greater glory of God! On to the next one... Montana for the week.

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