Monday, August 17, 2020

Life's a Garden, Dig it. - Joe Dirt

Well I'm off on a little vacation through Montana this week. Gonna visit some old friends and reflect on the blessings of this summer so far. Some might say that my life is a vacation. I'd say that my life is a vocation. There's an old country song by Clay Walker that says, "If I could make a living out of living you, I'd be a millionaire in week or two. I'd be doing what I love and lovin what I do, if I could make a living out of loving you." I make a living out of loving God and His people. Is it fun, yes. Is it work, yes. Do I get paid, sometimes. If only people, know how fun totally surrendering your life to God can be, then everyone would do it. Stay tuned, it's gonna be a fun week.

Mom and her garden. You can only come through that gate if your in a good mood. Therefore, Dad and I stick to the shop. Life is a garden Mom. Dig it!

Chief was running out of grass so I ran him up to Beaver Creek to hang with Martha the Mule. Don't forget me ol' son. On to the next one...

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