Saturday, July 6, 2024

Home on the Range

As always, God provides. I left the horses back in Campbell County until I got a lay of the land over here in Buffalo. Well, in no time I had people offer me pasture. 

Suzie Kirvinskee reached out and said that her and her husband Galen have a few acres that is more than their one old horse will get through. So I came out and took a looksee. 

Beautiful place, southwest of town. Right at the foothills of the Big Horn Mountains. Probably about 7 acres with a barn and two stalls. 

Not enough for all three horses, but perfect for Red. I’d like to have him near by so I can keep putting miles on him. Looks like Suede and him should get along just fine. 

After the two were introduced, we walked the fence and explored the pasture. 

Found a couple down wires from the winter. If you look close to the ground you can often find the fallen staple around the base of the fence post. Then in a pinch, you can use a rock to pound in back in. 

Should work.  

Good company. 

I think Red and Suzie are going to get along just fine. Once I get settled I hope to spend some time riding these hills. Just across the fence is a lot of State ground. Sounds like fun to me. Thanks Suzie and Galen. Let’s ranch! 

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