Monday, July 1, 2024

Buffalo Bound

July 1st is transition day for moving priests. I've been looking forward to this day. But in the meantime, I've been pretty focused on landing the plane in Gillette. The weekend celebrations were beautiful. And the people who wished me well and the cards I was given are testimony to a time well spent. But today marks a new leg of my journey as a priest. 

There's about 4,500 people in the town of Buffalo. And about 400 families at St. John the Baptist. There are also two mission Churches attached to this parish, St. Mary's in Clearmont and St. Hubert's in Kaycee. 

In order for this cowboy priest to get there I had to clean the manure out of my horse trailer. Could have been worse. 

Then pack her up. 

As I headed west, Johnson County welcomed me with a thunderstorm. I think I'll like this country. 

Good digs. Fr. Jim Heiser and I will live here together for the next two months. Shouldn't be tough. I logged about three years with him over in Fremont County. 

Beautiful Church. Built in 1949-1950 with stone quarried from Crazy Woman Canyon at the base of the Big Horns. 

Much to see and learn, but I couldn't help but pay an initial visit to our Blessed Mother, who I have stopped to see so many times on my way down the mountain. Looks like in her arms is a peaceful place to be. 

This should be fun. I think Buffalo will be good for me. I look forward to slowing my speed down, but not my rpm's. Gillette taught me a lot, and I look forward to bringing that momentum over here. Time will tell how that's best spent. But there's no use sitting around, let's go to work! 

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