Tuesday, June 25, 2024

Used Pipe

If there's one thing a guy can never have too much of, it's old oilfield pipe. I'm setting pretty good on 4 1/2", but my brother Luke was looking for some. Good thing for him that I have a trained eye that can spot unused used pipe a mile away.

In my journeys south on Hwy 59 I noticed an oilfield company pulled out of a lot leaving behind some drill stem. This is gnarly stuff, but works well for gate uprights. 

So I tracked down my buddy John Flocchini who owns the lot to see what they were going to do with it. He said they had no plans with it and we were welcome to it if we wanted to horse it around. So I called Luke and he came over with his Kenworth and we got to work. 

On average, the joints are 30' long and I figure they weigh about 500lbs each. So we backed White Horse up to each joint at a time and chained them to the lift arms. 

Pretty important to double check each hook before you get to lifting to high. On this set up, you want to make sure you also have the same length of links on each side. 

Then just lift them up. 

And back up to the truck. 

And set them down and unhook. Worked good for all 27 joints. 10 sticks we had to stack on top of the bottom row. 

Looks good. 

Good load. We're pretty thankful for John and his generosity. And he's just glad to see them get put to use. A win win. Like I say, you can never have too much pipe siting around. Luke'll get some good use out of these joints and I may just think up a project or two as well. On to the next one. 

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