Thursday, June 20, 2024

Fr. Brian

Fr. Brian Hess and I go way back to seminary. Being two years ahead of me in school and about eight years behind me in life, we've spent a lot of time encouraging each other along our priestly paths. Five years ago we both arrived in the northeast corner of Wyoming to serve the mission fields as Catholic priests. What a fun ride it's been. 

June 20th marks the 10th anniversary of Fr. Brian’s ordination to the priesthood. To honor this special day, we celebrated Mass at Corpus Christ in Newcastle where he is the pastor, which includes the two mission Churches in Sundance and Upton. For the past two years he has also served as Vocation Director for the Diocese of Cheyenne. 

Over the years, we've had a lot of good adventures together. Like our annual fraternal hangout in the Horns. 

The mountains are where Brian’s soul finds solace, and he's always happy to share that joy with the rest of us. 

What I've always admired about Fr. Brian is his balance in life. He knows how to work hard and play hard. But he's also not afraid to kick his feet up and rest awhile. 

He's always game too. Whether it's hunting cows or riding horses, Brian's not afraid to jump in the truck with me. 

But all his adventures are ordered to his one vocation as a priest. Celebrating Mass is the source and summit of Fr. Brian's life. Here, he not only receives God's love, but is also able to share that love with the people he loves.

Like his family and friends.

Well done good and faithful servant. Your job is far from finished, but you have served well thus far. Keep up the Good work! Thanks for being a good brother priest. Your friendship has both challenged and affirmed me as a son of the Church and a priest for God. Stay in the middle, brother. The world could use a few more Catholic priests like Fr. Brian Hess. 

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