Wednesday, April 24, 2024

Bridle Repair

About the only memory I have a getting yelled at as a kid was for tying a horse up hard. To this day I know I shouldn't, but I still do. But if I don't they are just going to get loose and walk on their reins. Blasted! 

Well, I got bit again. I double wrapped up Chief recently, and he pulled back and broke my headstall. Fortunately, I tied him to something stout. I have the good sense never to tie a horse to a panel are something that could pull loose if they spook. That's a wreck waiting to happen.  

So I set out to fix my bridle. The original side strap was one piece that connected the bit and ran back around.

With enough leather to play with, I figured I'd just extend it a couple holes. 

And sandwich it in the middle of this loop. 

Needle nose pliers are a must when working with leather. Guess that's why they call them a Leatherman.

After I marked the placement of the holes, I punched them with a leather-punch. They are a must-have in any tack shed. Just rotate the cylinder until you find the right sized punch, and press it through. Once you have it through, twist your tool back and forth to finish the cut. Make sure and go big enough. Nothing worse then breaking the only leather strap you have trying to pull it through a hole that's too small. 

Then I just fed it through the three parts. 

And put a good square knot on it. To do so, make sure each end is on the right side of the other and heading back out the direction it initially came in. Should be square if so. 

Dropped a couple holes and we're back in business. 

Ready to ride!

Paul calls this my barrel racing bridle. I call it my roping reins. When I'm swinging a lariat, the last thing I need is a set of two-piece reins to hold onto. My hands are full enough. This fix is just one more thing to check off the list of being branding prepared. I don't know if I learned my lesson or not. I struggle knowing how best to tie a horse up with a bridle. If I don't have a halter, I'll usually just hobble him if he's going to be standing awhile. I suppose the right thing to do is teach your horse not to pull back. It's all good. Thanks be to God for leather. It's willing to give if the pressure gets too high. If not, we'd all have a lot more war stories. On to the next one. 

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