Monday, April 1, 2024

April Drive

About a month ago, Jason called and asked if we'd help trail their cows home. You bet, I said. And I t's been a carrot on a stick for me ever since. Perfect conditions for a cattle drive, a couple inches of good wet snow. 

A good posse of riders on this Easter Monday. 

I grabbed Paul Dapra to fill our empty saddle. Chief and him did real well. 

Mollie and I got along good too, once I got her warmed up. 

Jason got us lined out, once we all got ready to roll about 10am. 

Good sized pasture. Most of the cows were bunched up against the south hills.

They'll be calving soon so they want them close to home to keep and eye on them. 

They look good. Heavy with young. 

The first leg was a pretty tough ride. Lots of up and down at a good trot. A little lather never hurt. 

To home we go. So good to see muddy roads. 

Counted about 300 head as they went through the gate. 

Then over the hills and through the woods. 

The cows were eager for new pastures, but they still needed a push. 

Always nice when the sun comes out. 

Terese loving life. 

Cows are good grazers. Because they don't have front teeth on the tops of their mouths, they more pinch the grass off up high rather then nip it off down low. 

Levi punching them through. 

Break time at the half way point. 

The snow was melting quick as we rode. 

A bullwhip doesn't hurt on these steep breaks. 

Made it. This'll be their calving pasture for the next couple months. 

Chow time. 

Great ride. This marks the beginning of spring ranch adventures. There's a lot of calving going on and brandings will be soon to follow. Can't think of a better way to spend the Easter Octave than horse back with some fellow Catholic Cowboys. On to the next one. 

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  1. Thanks for sharing. Red will have to go next year!!


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