Saturday, March 23, 2024

Meet Red

I’ve been looking for another horse to start. But, not needing a third horse myself and not being experienced enough to hire out, I called my brother. A good five years ago, Luke bought two gelding colts from Bader Quarter Horses in Thermopolis WY. With time just never working out to get them started, he passed ole Red onto me.

Red is a typical tall, slender quarter horse with good withers. Horses with this kind of white hair speckled throughout their coats are called roan. There are blue roans, which are mostly grey and black; bay roans, which are dark brown and white, and red or strawberry roans like Red that are reddish-brown and white. 

He's a friendly bugger, but never had a halter on him or been messed with much at all. So we haltered a broke horse and jumped them both into the trailer together, then just pulled the old horse back out. Worked fine. Made it less traumatic than having to cowboy him in there. 

Mollie and Chief were pretty excited to see what new critter was coming to see them. 

Good calm demeanor as he scopes out his new digs. 

It's always best to introduce horses gently by separating them with a good steel fence. I'm hopeful that they’ll come around to each other, but definitely don't want to rush the issue. 

This is his first time off the farm, so everything is new. Maybe that'll make me a safe haven for him.

Off to good start. 

Solid horse. Much potential. I'm excited to get to working with him. Why Red? It's a good horse name. Most Reds are reliable. There's Red from Shawshank Redemption. Easygoing guy. Lighthearted, but spirited. I think Red is a fitting name for this strawberry roan. With spring in high gear, we better get started.  

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  1. Is he halter broke? Does he respect the lead rope? Dave from CO


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