Saturday, February 17, 2024

Feeding the Faith

Part of the goodness of being Catholic is that you have brothers everywhere. Ted Kautzman, from eastern Montana, occasionally comes down to Hulett for Mass when they are traveling south. Consequently, we've visited a bit. This past week he reached out and wanted to donate a horse hay feeder to our cause. With an eye always looking toward ranch improvements, I didn't balk at his generosity.

Having done a few water projects recently, Ted came up with a good use for leftover lengths of poly pipe. Fuse them together, tie a hay net onto them, and make an easy-to-use round bale feeder. 

After our trade off, I ran it up to the horses, grabbed a round bale of grass from Chuck, cut the net wrap, and simply laid the feeder over it. 

With the cargo net attached to the bottom of the feeder, it just naturally pulls the net over the bale. Being made out of plastic pipe, it is really light to maneuver. 

And best of all, the horses approve.

Thanks Ted. What a good use of spare parts and pieces. I love farmer ingenuity. It's not only practical but functional as well. More than anything, though, I love being Catholic. There's an instant brotherhood with each other. Whether you're around the world or across state lines, Catholics always have one thing in common, our Faith. Keep up the Good work, brother. Long live Catholic Cowboys! 

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