Friday, January 26, 2024

Loading Hay

It's amazing how much hay two cow/calf pairs can eat. Not wanting to feed them every couple of weeks, we brought the feeder wagon down and loaded it up. 

I love round bales, but they are good for about two moves. After that the net wrap starts to give out. Such was the case of this first cutting alfalfa that Luke gave us. 

Dad pulled the bulk of it our with the farmhand. 

And the rest we threw in with a pitch fork. 

Having pitched in one other broken bale from Uncle Chris, we then dropped in a nice grass bale from Chuck Tweedy over here in Campbell County. 

Once loaded up, Dad backed her in the pen. Backing up a hay wagon with a fifth-wheel front, takes some old school skill. Well done. 

Life is good. 

The cows should be feed now till June! Hopefully they enjoy this smorgasbord of options. They'll do good. Even though it feels like spring, green grass on the prairie is a long ways away. Ranch hard. Be happy. 

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