Wednesday, January 31, 2024

Corral Repair

With the weather being so nice, I just had to get out this afternoon. On my mind is starting another horse or two this spring. We'll see. But regardless, the old round pen up at Colleen's place needed some attention. 

We fixed this ole girl up a few years back when we started Mollie. Since then, she's crumbled a bit more. 

This broken post was the main problem. None of it is bronc proof. But if we could get it all standing upright it should hold a horse. 

The idea was to set a new post behind the old post, which is the middle one, and then tie the two together. 

I was surprised that the ground really wasn't frozen. It still took a bar to bust loose, though.

But that was mainly because it was so dry. 

After a couple feet in the ground we set this new old post. 

Then backed White Horse into the falling section to bring it back upright. 

And wired the two together. Seemed solid.

Years ago we put these tall stays in each section to raise up the sagging boards and give them more stability. I never got around to cutting the tops of them off and it's bugged me.

So we took the sawsall and lopped them off. 

Let's ride.

It's always easier to maintain a corral rather than fix it. Even if we don't turn horses in this bad boy much, it's still better to have it ready and not need it. Rather than need it and not have it ready. Either way, it was a good use of a warm, sunny, January afternoon. 

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