Wednesday, November 8, 2023

Field Trip

Every November the Durham Ranch works their entire heard of Bison. For a solid three days it's all hands on deck. Being the generous folk they are, they welcomed a couple greenhorns like Dave and I to hang around. 

Over the past 57 years these guys have got raising buffalo down to a science. 

The main reason I brought Dave along was so he could get the gates. 

The buffs look healthy. This time of year they are really starting to hair up. 

It's not the only reason I come down, but I do look forward to my annual monster cookie. 

I pretty much just try to stay out of the professionals' way. 

Looking good. Might make a nice Christmas card. 

Giddy up.  

So fun. I enjoy hanging with this outfit. They know how to work hard and have fun. Thanks for letting us come down and be part of the family. Keep up the Good work. 

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