Friday, September 1, 2023

Harvest Moon

Whether you're farming or ranching, September is harvest season. So it is with Lungren Brothers. Wanting to get going on butchering our herd but not wanting to bring them all home yet, Jared and I went out to them.

I've slaughtered cows in the pasture before, but you have to be careful because they'll turn into a herd of elk on you if you don't do it right.

Already bringing one home a couple weeks ago, three of the other four were already in the corrals. So we just cut ole 60 out and laid her down. The cows have really summered well. 

It was good to have Jared on board. He's helped me a lot with different projects, but this was his first cow hunting experience. 

#60 was about as good of a cow as I've processed. She's off of Peg and Lee Isenberger's ranch south of Wright. I bet she put on 300lbs on Black Hills grass this summer. 

Meat's not meat until it's in the truck. 

Back in business. 

I look forward to doing some cutting this fall. #57 has been hanging for two weeks now. I like to age them for 21 days before I start to cut. If we do a cow a month we should be done by the end of December. Just in time for snowmobiling season. 

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