Saturday, September 9, 2023


Wanting to burn some wood on the deck, but not wanting an open flame, which could get out of control, I started to look into a chiminea. Turns out Mom had one sitting at Aunt Fran's house that wasn't getting used. Might as well see how it fits in our shanty. 

Pretty good, I'd say. I do remember this showing up on our patio back home shortly before I left the house. Don't remember ever using it, though.

Not only does it fit nice in our gig, but we also have plenty of wood to burn from our pergola project.

I like the boy scout mode of criss-crossing wood to get a fire started. 

One match will do. 

Seems to have a good draft. 

I dig it. 

I love wood heat, just not a fan of the smoke. The chiminea seems to burn nice while getting the smoke heading in the right direction. We'll see. With fall arriving, it's never too early to be thinking about winter. If gas costs get to high to heat the house, we can always come out to the cabin and stoke up the chiminea. 

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