Saturday, July 15, 2023

WYO Rodeo

Summer time is rodeo time. This year William and Cassidy, and Kurt and Leah, invited me to join them in Sheridan for the annual Wyo Rodeo. Good rodeo. Good time. 

So fun. I love these Catholic Cowboys.

The rodeo starts out with four heats of the Indian Relay Race. Wild. The Wyo Rodeo is the world championship race for these boys. 

It was cool to see Lefty Holman crack out. This dude is smooth. In fact, he makes bronc riding look so easy that I think he actually gets less points than deserved. You could balance a wine glass on his cowboy hat as he rides these buckers. 

Ira Dickinson is a Wyoming Catholic Cowboy from Rock Springs. This ride, on Burch's Lunatic from Hell, was pure poetry. Nice ride cowboy. You should consider the priesthood. 

Afterwards, the kids took to the town. Yee haw!

Looking good. 

But before I left, I used up my Kings Ropes gift certificate that the St. Matthew's parish staff gave me for my 5th year priestly anniversary to help buy me some new chaps. After all, I think leather represents 5 years. 

Super fun time. The rodeo was good, but the company was better. The world needs more Catholic Cowboys! Thanks y'all. 

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  1. Love the new chinks!! Can’t wait to see the pics of you breaking them in. They’ll make you stick to the saddle.


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