Wednesday, July 26, 2023

Sons of Mary 2023

With the July heat starting to set in, the boys and I headed for the hills. Each summer, our band of brother priests, gets together for some fraternity in the Bighorns. This year, six of us were able to enjoy three days of fun in the sun without cell service or the internet connection. Turns out, the world didn't stop spinning.  

Our crew of Cheyenne priests: Fr. Clark Lenz, Fr. Seth Hostetler, Fr. Brian Hess, Fr. Robert Rodgers, Fr. Linh Vu, and Fr. Bryce Lungren behind the camera. 

First order of business was to get this dead tree, which we pulled out of the creek a couple years ago, hauled out of the court yard. 

Bob finished cutting it up. 

Then we let the arms down and backed ol' White Horse underneath it. 

With a little mechanical muscle we lifted each section up. 

And hauled them off the the bone pile.

After a good mountain workout, we were ready for some LB Burgers. 

That's what I'm talking about!

The next day we set out for a hiking trip near Battle Park. 

So beautiful up here. 

Our mission was to surf Lilly Lake. Three of us took turns packing the paddle board up the 1.5 miles or so to the water. 

Then aired it up. 

I broke the ice.

And Brian and Seth got a spin as well. Awesome!

After lunch, Brian took his customary siesta by the water. 

That evening was Seth's turn to cook. Chicken wings... good choice. 


As fun as all these activities were, the best part of our fraternal retreat was celebrating Mass together. 

Can't beat it with a stick. Jesus retreated with His boys to the mountains, and we continue to do the same. Breaths of fresh air like this reinvigorate us to go back to our assignments and serve the Lord and His people with joy. The priesthood is not a solo mission. We need brother priests to help keep the fire of the Holy Spirit stoked in our hearts. Through our communion with Jesus, Mary, and each other, we can serve the Father well as His sons and priests. Special thanks to Mom and Dad for lending us the cabin. Now let's get to work!

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  1. You all are awesome and inspiring ♥️


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