Friday, July 21, 2023

Punchin' Doggies

I don't know if the cows needing moving or we just needed to move the cows. Regardless, Joe and I headed to Hulett this afternoon to check on the girls and push them through the gate.

Once again, we found them in the trees. They are sure looking good. Nice and slicked off.

Ole Whitey is coming along too. She is a bit of a black sheep, but seems to enjoy her existence.  

Once we got them up out of the back 40, Joe kept them heading in the right direction. 

Giddy up, partner. 

They'll be happy here. Closer to the highway so they can watch the motorcycles ride by on Wyo 24. 

Well done, you two. You make a good team. 

I've also been real impressed with Mollie this year. She seem to be coming out of her adolescent stage. 

Good job kids. As usual, Chief goes for a roll and Mollie heads for the oats. 

It's good to get out of Dodge every once in awhile, even just for an afternoon. Summer's are short in Wyoming, so a guy has to take advantage every chance he gets to enjoy them. 

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