Sunday, July 9, 2023

Family Fun

It's a small world, and an even smaller Church. Inside the Church we’re all one big happy family. Some of us just haven't met yet. Well, today we met a fellow Father in the Church, Bishop Dan Mueggenborg from the Diocese of Reno. He's here visiting some of his flock, Bud and Mary Lou Flocchini, on their ranch north of Wright. 

Kelly and I introduced him to a Catholic Cowboy Mass. He seemed to fit right in. 

Afterwards we went back to the ranch for dinner. John cooked up some of his famous Swiss Chard. 

While Mary Lou fried us up some zucchini flowers.

The main course was Bison tenderloin. 

Let's dine.


Good stuff. The family of God is wide and varied. We may be from different states or from different cultures, but our Catholic faith unites us all. I love it. Meeting new members of the Church is like discovering new brothers and sisters. No better way to get to know each other then over a meal. First the sacred banquet of the Mass, and then at an Italian feast back at the ranch. God is good. On to the next one! 

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