Saturday, June 10, 2023

Rainy Rodeo

It takes a lot to stop a rodeo, and rain and mud are not enough. The second weekend in June is Hulett's annual rodeo. I've served my time in the chutes, now it's time to enjoy the ride from the stands.

Thanks be to God it's been a rainy spring. Combine that with cool temperatures and good cattle prices, ranchers around Hulett are happy.

The Burch boys brought out their baddest best. 

Rain or shine, they came to ride.

They bucked bareback, broncs, bulls, and ranch bronc. I only got there in time to see the bulls and ranch bronc.

My buddy Ben Miller stole the show with a 75 point ride.

Bucked his boot off in the process.

I love rodeo. Though I'm more than happy to sit and watch from the stands, it still get's your blood pumping when you see guys grin and bear it. The rain and mud just add to the fun. Life is good. Thank God for cowboys.

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