Saturday, June 3, 2023

Moving Cows

When you run only 5 cows you’ve got to squeeze all the fun you can out of them. So with a bit of free time on hand, Joe and I got a jump on our Mission circuit by heading to Hulett Saturday afternoon to move our cows. 

Back in the north 40 they can be hard to find. We jumped them in the trees.

Then trailed the for the gate. As you can see they were getting low on grass. 

Joe and Chief put the final push on them.

Happy campers. They’ll live here for the next month before we move them again. 

Another well job done. 

Tough to beat an afternoon ride in the Hills. So beautiful. What a blessing it is to break from the normal hustle and bustle and recharge in God’s good creation. Pure gift. Thanks Lord. 


  1. Thank you. You have shown me that we can enjoy life without feeling guilty. Now I feel God is with me all ways.

    1. You're on it. Stay there. Gratitude is how can receive God's gifts and enjoy them the way He intended.


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