Monday, May 1, 2023

Spring Training

The time has come for the horses to go to work. I have no doubt that if needed, I could jump either horse and at anytime hit the trail. But I like to take time to set us all up for success. Mollie and I didn't end on the best note last year, so I especially wanted to start out fresh with her. No better day to get going than the feast of St. Joe the Worker. 

Looking good. I have been pleased with the saddle rigging adjustments we made earlier this spring. I especially like the way it sits on this brute. Mollie wintered well, probably too well. The back cinch is in the last hole on both sides. 

One new addition that I'm happy to report is this lawn chair with a canopy. Now I'll have shade no matter what side of the trailer I'm sitting on. 

Last year we introduced Mollie to a pulling collar. What I mainly like it for is to keep the saddle centered. Mollie is like saddling a 55 gallon drum, she has no withers and the saddle will hardly stay put. The pulling collar really worked good for that, but Paul wanted his back. So Mom and Dad bought me one for my birthday. Thanks folks. 

Pulling collars also put the pull where it needs to go. When you dally on the horn the pressure goes directly to the horse's chest. 

I said plenty of Hail Mary's and prayed to my guardian angel before I swung on her. One cool thing Paul and I did when we started Mollie is equip her with an e-brake. Every time we worked her we constantly made her give her neck back to her shoulder. Now she'll give it no problem in all circumstances. So I did my ground work before I swung on this year, but once she felt me in the saddle, the dance begun. Thankfully, I had her nose sitting at my knee in no time and she had no choice but to settle down. After a ride or two in the round pen I reintroduced the rope to her. No problem at all, but I like to rub it all around her so that she knows it's not a snake that's gonna bite her. 

As for Chief... he's always ready. 

The fastest way to train a horse is slow and easy. Most problems happen in life when we get in a hurry. This is especially true with horses. If you want a calm and cool horse, take a calm and cool approach to them. It'll pay off for the both of you. Spring ball is over though, it's now time for these players to go to work. May is all about cowboying. Let the good times roll! 

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