Wednesday, May 10, 2023


Many have wondered about the origins of the shadow man Hank. It's a mystery about when and where he shows up. But when he does, his presence is always welcome. 

Weighing in around 225 and somewhere about 6'6" tall, Hank looks to be wearing a pair of 34x55 Wranglers. 

He was first sighted by Fr. Jim Heiser in the spring of '17. I shot him this picture of the rising Little Wind River and He asked, "Who is that in the shadow?" I answered, "Must be Hank Williams."

Since then, Hank has appeared at special memorial markers. 

He always loves to stack hay. 

And haul it to the corrals. 

Horseback is a common place to find him.

Seeing him in the early mornings with a cup of coffee is not uncommon either.

Welding around the ranch is one of his favorite places to help out. 

In general, Hank is just an all-around cowboy. 

I love Hank. He is a reminder of God's love shining on us. The Lord's presence is everywhere, even in the shadows. It doesn't matter how dark life gets, there’s always a bright side. Be on the lookout, I bet Hank is following you too.  

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