Sunday, April 2, 2023

Ropin' the Wind

Lately, John and I have had the roping bug. It comes every spring as brandings begin to loom in the air. Well, Palm Sunday seemed like a good day to get together and loosen up our shoulders. 

Ropes come in every shape and size. My favorite is ole blue in the lower right. It is a 3/8" extra soft 30'er. 

Doesn't matter to John, though. He'll use whatever he can find. 

And nail it!

I wasn't used to this Texas Longhorn dummy. 

But we seemed to manage. 

Fun stuff. Roping is like dancing. I'm not worth a darn at either, but it's sure fun to watch those who are. The only way to get good, however, is through practice. That I can do. Brandings are coming up and I need to be ready. You never know when you're gonna get the call to enter the pen. When it comes, you don't want to disappoint. On to the next one. 

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