Thursday, April 13, 2023


One the most satisfying parts of spring field work is harrowing a pasture that you have been feeding cows on. The gratification is instantaneous. Though we hadn’t been feeding cows on it, our little corner of grass hay still needed tending to. 

Dad had his harrow elsewhere so I had to improvise. Every rancher has some used tires on the north 40 that he just might need some day. Well, today was the day. 

So we hauled some over to the shop to come up with a game plan. 

The simpler the better in my book. We just drilled and bolted the tires to together with some 5/8" bolts and washers. 

Then carried her to the field.

Works for me.

Harrowing is just part of ranch spring cleaning. Agitating the grass kicks it into growing gear. Knocking the weeds down is nice too. Springtime is definitely a time when you don't want to burn daylight. Make hay while the sun shines because tomorrow it may snow. Bring it. 

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