Wednesday, December 14, 2022

Snow Day

“Snow days are a gift from God,” says my buddy Fr. Brian. I’d have to agree. There’s little more that I enjoy over fighting through the snow and cold to feed the critters. With the town of Gillette being shut down by the mid December blizzard, I saddled up ole Whitehorse and hit the trail.

These day, enduring the winter weather isn’t that bad, with Carhartts, Muck boots, and Yeti coffee cups. 

The first stop was the horses. About the only time they are happy to see me is when I come to feed them. 

One thing about Campbell County, you can count on the wind with the snow. 

I try to win brownie points with the horses. They are suckers for oats. 

The winter has treated them well so far. Pretty tough existence, they haven’t seen work for two months.  

Happy campers. 

Next stop was Caballo Cr. off of Bell Rd. Not crazy bad roads. But no fun without a ranch truck. 

The cows are content. With hides like theirs they probably don’t even know it’s snowing. 

Then there’s Whitehorse… Thank God for Chevrolet, the heartbeat of America. 

I love winter. The challenges she presents I welcome and enjoy. It’s days like this that test your cowboy gumption. So far I’ve passed. We’ll reevaluate come February. Peace 

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