Friday, October 21, 2022

Good Ride Cowboy

Paul had been bugging me saying, "You ain't no cowboy unless you trail cows off of the Bear Lodges with my buddy Ray." I told him, "I ain't scared." Friday was the day. Ol son swung by the rectory with his saddle ready for Chief and we hit the trail by 6:00. I ain't gonna lie, it was a good time.

Paul and Ray have been ranchin together in these parts north of Sundance for the better part of 20 years. 

The ranch ground we were riding on was part of the old GUN Ranch which was established before Wyoming was even a state. 

The cows were scattered about, but they were no match for this posse of riders. 

Scrub oaks are pretty in the spring and summer, but a bear to trail cattle through.

Fortunately, Hank showed up to lend a hand. 

We did some cross countrying and this mountain proved to be a challenge. Mollie really did good today. 

The flip side made the push worth it through. Ray and his three year old knew right where we were going. 

Lake from Hawaii and her two year old red roan made for some interesting conversations. She just hung up her spurs from the Ranch-bronc riding circuit. A cowgirl that's hard to be throwed, she is known as the Flyin' Hawaiian. 

Once we hit the main road, the 10 mile or so drive to the overnight pasture was pretty easy going. 

The cattle were pretty good about obeying the traffic regulations. 

We stopped on the down hill side for a little pick-me-up.

I was a little embarrassed when Paul took a call in the middle of the drive. YANC.


We ducked them across the highway for the night. The boys will gather them and head to the home place in the morning, a 15 mile drive or so. 

After a good day of ranching, we all swung into the Longhorn for a burger and beer. 

Giddy up. 

Well I'll admit, that was a fun ride. Beautiful country and good people. I love cowboying. And when it's alongside a good buddy it's even funner. Thanks for the good ride, cowboy. That's another notch carved on my gun.

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