Sunday, August 14, 2022

Just Winchin

Back in high school, all I wanted was a winch. I'd be sitting in math class, thumbing through an Off Road magazine, daydreaming of a putting a winch on my pick up. That desire was eventually fulfilled when I moved to Montana after graduation and drove tow truck for my uncle. There, I always had two hydraulic 12k pounders right behind me. It was kind of like packing heat, you were always ready. Well, since those days I have felt a bit naked. A little under prepared, you might say. Until now.

I've had thoughts of a winch on White Horse since we built the bumper for her in 19. We put in a receiver tube thinking we could plug one in and out if need be.

Well, the day finally came when we found one. My buddy Tom from Carlile had a farm sale and was auctioning off this Ramsey 12,000lb electric winch. What I like about this style is that it is worm gear driven. They are tough, and when you let go of the button it stops, not winds down. A worm gear will also never reverse on itself. Meaning, the cable can't drive the motor. In other words, they are super secure. Tom assured me this one was ready to work. All she needed was a new cable, which we already had back home.

Plugging it in and out of the receiver tube didn't seem like a good option though. That had back breaker written all over it. So we decided to go the permanent route and mount her behind the front bumper. At this stage in the game, there is no turning back. Burn the ships boys.

There was definitely potential. The truck frame was right there along with good 3/8" plate that mounted to the bumper.

Gerry got right to work cutting some angle iron brackets.

I used the plasma cutter to rework the front cover.

Once we had her positioned, we welded her in place. 

Then installed the 125' of 3/8" wire rope.

Dad came in as our anchor man as we spooled her up for the first time.

Muy bien. 

I feel much better. Really not sure how I made it this long without a winch at hand. We are now ready for whatever comes our way. Be it a tree in the creek, a car in the ditch, or a horse that won't load in the trailer, White Horse is ready for action.

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